PIR Alarms.

Our PIR Alarms are £30 each
£10 each for a Replacement or Extra Key Fobs 

This is what you get in the box.
1 x Alarm.
2 x AA Batteries for the alarm.
1 x Key Fob.
1 x A27 Battery in the Key Fob.
2 x self tapping screws for mounting bracket.
The PIR Alarm comes with a 12 month warranty.

The Alarm motion detector unit has a range of up to 7 metres or 23 FT.
With approximate detection angles of 60 Degrees vertical and 110 Degrees horizontal.
The Alarm is activated by a heat source and needs to be about as big as a small dog so spiders and flies will not set this alarm off.

When you get a new Alarm you have to pair it up with the key fob.
Press the black learn button on the side of the Alarm once and press the ON button on the remote
The Alarm will beep twice and the unit is paired, it possible to pair 3 key fobs to the same Alarm.

The key fob is easy to use its just ON and OFF buttons.
When you set the Alarm ON it will beep and you have 30 seconds until it is armed.
When the Alarm is activated it will beep and goes off after 4 seconds.
The Alarm can be turned on and off with the door shut.
The Alarm rings at 130dBs

Video of Alarm being Set and Activated.