Bespoke Storage Boxes.

Small Scooter Storage Box
This is a Left Hand Handle Box.
Small Scooter Storage Box
This is a Right hand Handle box.

 Our Bespoke Mobility Scooter Box is made of a 1 mm thick Galvanized & PVC coated solid steel its trade name is Plastisol. This is the same material that most Industrial buildings have on the exterior.  The floor is made from 1 mm thick solid steel its trade name is Aluzink, this material was first designed for use on North Sea Oil rigs, so both are the perfect materials for Coastal and Inland environments.

The Key Features of our Bespoke Mobility Scooter Boxes are:

● Solid steel construction with a PVC External Finish so you have little maintenance.
● 3 Point Locking system. With a 6 Pin Drill & Pick Proof Lock All as standard!
● 2 Keys with every box unique to that box only.
● A Master key can be supplied for sites with more than 1 box so access is easy for the Site Manager to get into any box.
● All boxes are fully built in our workshop so we minimise the site time.
● We can build them on site at an extra cost if access is tight.
● All Internal joints are double folded and silicone sealed.
● All Scooter Boxes come with a flat floor for ease of access for the user.
● Removable door bar to cover the gap under the door when it is closed.
● Anti Jemmy Bar Door Pillar Stiffener for added protection.
● Fresh air Louvres can be added free of charge, these can allow driving rain into the box slightly but it has to be extreme weather.  
● All Boxes are fixed to the ground with 4 x M6 Rawl Bolts as standard ground conditions permitting.

Vandyke Brown
Goosewing Grey
Cream (Mushroom)
Olive Green
Golden Oak

Bespoke Mobility Scooter Box sizes and prices:

The outside size of the Bespoke box will be confirmed at pricing stage:

Green £P/A 

Cream £P/A

 Brown  £P/A 

Wood Grain £P/A

Goosewing Grey £P/A

Anthracite £P/A

To build a box on site we charge an extra £120 per

Please give us a call for a Bespoke Box & Delivery quote!

When ordering your box these are the things we need to know:

● The box Colour and Size.
● Which side you want the handle on.
● Is access good to allow delivery of the box fully built up.
● Do you want the fresh air louvres adding free of charge.
● What’s the delivery postcode so we can give you a delivery cost.

This box was made
5 ft Tall x 4 ft Wide x 7 ft 2” Deep.
It was for a motor bike on a caravan site.  
This box was collected by the customer so we don’t have any fitted photos.

The removable door bar was designed so we can have a flat floor on the box and still stop Litter and Rodents from getting under the door gap.  The door dose not go down to the floor fully as when the door opens it needs clearance from the ground.

This box was made 6 ft Tall x 6 ft Wide x 6 ft Deep.  For a Mobility Scooter to be stored on a caravan site


We added shelves down one side and across the back for extra storage.

This box was made 2 ft Wide to fit a tight space.  The handle was moved nearer the top for the customer.  This box was collected by the customer so we don’t have any fitted photos.

Also we made this box with a flat roof as it was going under something.  The box was used to store a folding chair.

Anti Jemmy Bar Stiffener in door pillar as standard.

Fresh Air Louvres can be added free of charge.

3 Point Locking system. With a 6 Pin Drill & Pick Proof Lock with 2 keys unique to your handle only.  All as standard!

All our Mobility Scooter Storage Boxes are bolted down to the ground using 4 x Rawlbolts this service is included free of charge with the delivery.  We can only offer this service ground conditions permitting. 

You can also add a remote control PIR Alarm to any box.  Please click on image bellow to see more information about the alarms.

Bespoke Storage Boxes Mix and Match.

We can now mix and match any of our 6 standard colours.

Please give us a call for a quote. 

This is a Cream Body with a Vandyke Brown Roof.

 This is a Cream Body with a Olive Green Roof.

This is a Goosewing Grey Body with a Anthracite Roof.

PIR Alarm
We can also supply PIR Alarms for all boxes Please click for more info!

Storage Box Base Dimensions

The size of base needs to be 12″ bigger than the outside size of the bespoke box in both directions.


Storage Box Base construction.

All our storage units need a sound, flat level surface to be sited on ie: concrete, tarmac, block paving or flagstones.  We suggest the base material should be a minimum thickness of  2” (50 mm) to the sizes above.