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 Our Bespoke Mobility Scooter Box is made of a 1 mm thick Galvanized & PVC coated solid steel its trade name is Plastisol. This is the same material that most Industrial buildings have on the exterior.  The floor is made from 1 mm thick solid steel its trade name is Aluzink, this material was first designed for use on North Sea Oil rigs, so both are the perfect materials for Coastal and Inland environments.

Right Hand Handle.

Left Hand Handle.

Bespoke Mobility Scooter Box.

The Key Features of our Bespoke Mobility Scooter Boxes are:

Material Material

6 ft Tall x 3 ft Wide

Fitted for a Housing Association

2 ft Wide with handle nearer the top.

Added shelves for storage.

6 Ft Tall x 6 Ft Wide x 6 Ft Deep

When ordering your box these are the things we need to know:

This box was made

 The same Height and Depth as our standard 6 Ft Tall box but they could only fit

3 ft Wide into this space.

Fresh Air Louvres

Can be added.

When we got the request for this box the customer needed enough space for there scooter and also some extra storage space.

 So we added the shelves across the back and down the side.

The Outside size was

6 ft Tall x 6 Ft Wide x 6 Ft Deep

This box was made

5 ft Tall x 4 ft Wide x 7 ft 2” Deep.

It was for a motor bike on a caravan site.  

This box was collected by the customer so we don't have any fitted photos.

This box was made

2 ft Wide to fit a tight space.  The handle was moved nearer the top for the customer.  

This box was collected by the customer so we don't have any fitted photos.